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All of these, adding to the fact that corruption which is deeply implanted in the administrative systems and leadership in the developing countries play a very vital role towards achieving these goals is hectic already enough for the people.

            Looking at all the issues raised above there is no gainsaying that so far we as the world are far behind the possibility of reaching our targets in 2015. Truly none of us should think of the possibility of achieving these goals on our own. Not even governments, the private sector, NGOs, religious groupings, civil societies, individuals, towns or villages could do this on their own. We can only meet with the MDGs through international effort that harnesses the power of everyone. We are brothers and we are our brother’s keeper! 


Yes we can achieve this in the sense that we develop individual relationships and take responsibility to make our own contributions knowing that the experts on the problems of the poor are themselves. It is time for everyone to redefine priorities and be able to treat them case after case to ensure the implementation of any projects towards achieving in a global way the MDGs.


As you go about your activities today, think about those who are sad because someone they have loved has died today, it could be a mother, a father, a brother, a sister: 

Some people are lonely because someone they love has left home today to an unknown destination, 

Some are so tired because they have so much to do, are poor and badly paid and so have to do without the things they really need, like getting the kind of education that is required for a good job. 

Yes think and try not to forget those people who are not as fortunate as you are and do what you can to help them! 

 If you think that you have to contributing towards the achievement of these goals, this is the time and this is the forum. If we do not achieve these goals, who goes without food? Who is unemployed and hit hard by the impact of global warming? These poor people are slowly but surely sinking into oblivion, they cannot do any of these on their own. Your support is needed to help these people through capacity building and local empowerment so that they can start being self reliant such that they can do other thins on their own


This is count down to 2015, the time to take the millennium action, donate a dollar/euro we don’t have much time left!!!!!!!!!!!

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