Millenium Development Goal

Reach the Millenium Goals

Our Goal

Now let us think about the immediate effects of issues raised: because of hunger, unemployment and low paid jobs, many young people from these parts embark on migrating to the GRAND NORTH! With all the idea that milk and honey flows in that land! Some even travel under very strenuous and unlawful conditions, some end up dying on the way, and for some who finally make it illegally into any country live in the streets and others get engaged in unlawful practices such as scamming, armed robbery, prostitution, drug and human trafficking bringing untold pain both to themselves and the family back at home all in the name of making a living.

More to this if the need for family planning is not met, that may mean unprecedented population growth at a time like this when the world’s population is becoming more and more difficult to be fed.  This means that the Malthusian theory could have been right after all!


 It should be noted that the world’s richer countries have been strolling towards the MDGs as though they have all the time in the world but the poorer countries don’t have all the time. Every day that passes means more mothers are dying, loosing their children either at birth or mosquitoes, malaria, more girls are being kept out of school, more people are wallowing in poverty and hunger, more people are living in slums and dying of thirst and suffering from water related diseases. More to these as more time passes, the environment and biodiversity is being destroyed because the people who use it to satisfy their needs do not relate their activity to it’s deterioration and don’t realize that they are liable to contribute in kind towards achieving these global goals and help to protect and ensure the sustainability of the environment. As more time passes, the poor farmer who because of the impact of climate change will have poor yields and in the market will not get a fair price in exchange for his produce so cannot afford a decent shelter for his family and other things! 

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